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Semen Retention Can Affect Penis Health

Every man needs to take note of his penis health, and also that includes issues impacting semen production or usage. Does semen retention make a big distinction, as some recommend?

10 Reasons Masturbation Is Good for a Man’s Health

While old wives’ tales would certainly claim or else, self pleasure benefits guys in a great deal of ways. Here’s ten factors to like the one you’re with.

I Want a Snip (Vasectomy) Now

Birth control or ‘the snip’ is a small surgical treatment where televisions (Vas Deferens) that lug the sperm from the testicles to the penis are cut. This protects against sperm from travelling from testicles to penis, consequently preventing pregnancy. Although it is a minor procedure, numerous guys put things off for months as well as even years before they lastly determine to get it done. There are several reasons for this that might consist of fear of unidentified, worry of needle, fear of shedding virility, indecision or not picked the household dimension. Yet Vasectomy is a very simple day treatment with incredibly reduced issue rate.

Masturbation Techniques to Try Tonight

Fed up with the very same ol’ choke the poultry? Here are a few self pleasure methods any as well as every penis can take advantage of.

Penis Pain From Rare Ossification

Extreme penis discomfort is not excellent for any type of guy, no issue the cause. It can happen with penile ossification, an uncommon condition in which bone kinds in the penis.

Post-Sex Penis Care: Dos and Don’ts for a Healthy Penis

Since the loving mores than, how does a guy bargain with the hazmat situation that is his genitals? Below’s the DL on post-sex penis care-all the things to do and also all the important things to stay clear of.

Penis Power Food: What to Eat for a Wiley Willy

Seeking a little bit a lot more va-va-va-voom downstairs? Think about implementing this penis power food plan to improve penis wellness and happiness.

Top 7 Testosterone Boosters in 2019

Testosterone is the dominant male sex hormonal agent, in charge of muscular tissue development, weight management, and ideal health and wellness. The brain regulates the manufacturing of the hormonal agent by the testicles.

Do X-Rays Lead to a Red Penis?

A healthy and balanced red penis is a preferable thing, however a raw or scorched red penis is not. Several males wonder if direct exposure to x-rays can trigger a red penis?

Autumn Leaves and Penis Skin

With the change of season from summertime to fall, there can be some penis skin problems that get here with the drier climate. These ideas can aid keep the skin looking appealing and also attractive.

Keep Penis Health in Mind When Choosing Underwear

It’s only all-natural that males must take note of their penis wellness. In enhancement to eating right as well as getting adequate sleep, choosing the best undergarments can play a role in keeping the organ healthy.

Can Botox Change Penis Size?

Whether searching in the mirror or contrasting himself at the fitness center, penis size can be a problem of problem to numerous guys. Some might be tempted to use botox to alter their size.

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