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Does Semen Variation Indicate Penis Problems?

Taking actions to stay clear of penis problems helps insure more consistent penis wellness in a male. In some cases variations in sperm manufacturing may make a guy inquiry that health and wellness.

New Year’s Resolution: No Jock Itch

With the brand-new year underway, it’s great to plan on a resolution or 2 – and also one that targets penis wellness is quite welcome. An idea – pledge to keep jock itch at bay.

Sex Tips: Getting Into Role Playing

Sex pointers can be a beneficial method for a pair to maintain the flame burning brilliant when they are cuddling in bed. One alternative they might wish to discover is sexual function having fun.

Avoiding Penis Injury From Bruising

No guy desires to experience any type of sort of penis injury, but penile wounding is a not unusual occurrence. It can be the outcome of a variety of causes.

How to Rejuvenate the Penis: The Facts on Non-Surgical Penile Rejuvenation

There are some guys that attempt to dream concerning a penis that’s more powerful, harder, as well as larger. Luckily for them, scientific research had the exact same concepts to invigorate the penis. Continue reading to find out more about penis improvement surgical treatment, an easy procedure that might provide a man the prick of his desires.

Using a Sleeve With a Small Penis

A guy with a little penis usually feels at a drawback, although ability as well as health and wellness are more essential than dimension. Utilizing a penis sleeve may offer some advantages to such a guy.

5 Causes of Bruised Penile Tissue and How to Treat It

Penis bruising is all too usual an ailment for guys. Let’s break down what causes wounded penile tissue as well as exactly how to get points back to excellent.

Penis Calluses 101: What To Do When a Man Finds a Callus on His Penis

Certain, a male can get them on his feet, but his penis? Yep, calluses on the penis are a thing. To read more, keep reading.

Male Genital Odor: Where Is That Smell Coming From?

Unpleasant smells emanating from your nether-regions can be a mood-killer. Although it’s usual to have a normal male aroma, funky smells that are subduing are never typical and certainly not enjoyable for any person. Read on to discover a few typical sources of male genital smell as well as how to eliminate the stink.

Itchy Penis: What’s Happening Under Your Boxers

Itching of the genital area can be a very unpleasant condition for men. It is awkward as well as usually occurs at the most inopportune times. There are a selection of factors that can trigger an itchy penis, so make sure to look after your penis health as finest you can.

Erectile Dysfunction 101: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

It’s the sex-related situation no man really wishes to discuss; it’s impotence. Despite all the commercials on TV, there’s a great deal guys don’t learn about ED. Let’s fix that now.

Masturbation and Prostate Health: Could This Be the Link to Fighting Prostate Cancer?

There are numerous means to prevent prostate cancer – eat healthy, exercise, and lower tension. Nevertheless, what if self pleasure and prostate health were linked? Continue reading to discover if even more self pleasure resulting in climaxing could decrease a guy’s threat of prostate cancer cells.

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