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Foot Fetish? Beware of Jock Itch

Jock impulse is fortunately not a major illness, yet it can be a genuine nuisance. Guy with a foot fetish might need to be careful that they don’t acquire it from a companion.

Itchy Penis: Was It the Lubricant or the Latex?

When a man has an itchy penis after utilizing a prophylactic, it might be that the prophylactic is the offender – or it can be lubricant. Choosing which is the resource determines the remedy to use.

Penile Health and Wellness: When It’s Time to Talk to a Urologist

Routine appointments with a medical professional are an integral part of a man’s wellness as well as health. But when it concerns penile health and wellness, it typically pays to consult a specialist in the area. Find out more concerning when it’s finest to speak with a urologist.

Erection Problems and the Too-Hard Penis: Understanding Priapism

When considering erection problems, the very first thought that springs to mind is generally a soft, flaccid penis. Nevertheless, sometimes, the opposite problem might happen. A penis that stays hard for greater than 4 hrs can be an indicator of non-ischemic priapism, a condition that calls for medical interest.

Sore Penis From a Parameatal Cyst

A sore penis can come from any kind of number of reasons. Among the (the good news is) uncommon reasons is something called a parameatal urethral cyst of the glans.

Shea Butter Offers Incredible Penis Health Benefits

Penis health is something no male ignores. Utilizing the right products can assist make sure the finest penis care possible. Fortunately, Shea butter is high up on the list of effective ingredients a male can make use of for the very best penis skin.

How the Thyroid Affects Penis Health

In some cases, penis health concerns can be created by issues in apparently unconnected areas of the body. This write-up checks out the connection between the thyroid gland and penile feature.

Symptoms of Male Menopause – Causes and Treatment Options

Females aren’t the just one that can experience menopause symptoms. Male can deal with age-related hormone turmoil also. Symptoms as well as therapy choices for male menopause are the topic of this post.

Penis Pain and Neurological Disorders: Understanding Dyaesthesia

Penis pain is something men will certainly do practically anything to prevent. Among the most uneasy forms of penis pain comes from dyaesthesia, the seriousness of which differs.

Penis Rash From Shingles? It Happens

Good penis care is crucial for preserving an individual’s favored body part in its finest condition. Not just is a healthy penis much better positioned to perform at ideal degrees, however it also has a tendency to be much more handsome as well as appealing. And sine impressions are essential, a guy intends to have a tool in his pants that looks good and also healthy – not one that is sporting a repulsive penis breakout.

Some Medications May Cause a Bent Penis

A bent penis can be a challenge for lots of men, occasionally triggering pain and also protecting against successful sex-related interaction. In some situations, medications might contribute in the curvature.

Penis Rash: Likely Causes and Effective Remedies

Penis breakout can be brought on by a variety of issues, varying from bad health to venereal diseases. Some common reasons as well as effective solutions are explained right here.

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