Men’s Perspective on Enhancing Intimacy with Male Sex Toys and Pocket Pussies

What Is a Male Sex Stroker?

A male sex stroker is a masturbation tool designed to mimic or simulate the sensation of stroking a penis. Stroking a penis is a kinky, pleasurable experience in its own right, but the ability to vary the pressure and position of your hand as you stroke can make the feeling even more intimate and satisfying. These tools are great for solo masturbation and kinky play with a partner.

Some strokers have a realistic skin feel to add an extra level of gratification for the user. However, this also means that they can be less durable than silicone and may need to be replaced after some time. Many of the best strokers for men come with replaceable sleeves, so this isn’t a huge deal and can be done fairly easily.

The sleeve of a male stroker is another thing that can be made to feel unique and stimulating. Some have textures that are meant to mimic orifices, while others have a sexy shape that might look like a can of beer or even a porn star’s cock.

These different sleeve textures can have a big impact on the satisfaction of a stroker, and are often what helps to make the toy feel so real. They can also be made to feel hot or cold to create tailored temperature play for the pleasure of the user.

One of the top male masturbators available is The Handy, which is a device that takes the pumping action of traditional strokers to a whole new level. It’s a clear sleeve with a texture that feels like the inside of a penis, and is attached to an external motor that pumps up and down at customizable speeds.

This is a toy that can be used in both anal and oral play, as it has an anal opening on the end as well as an opening for the mouth. Many users report that this double-ended design is super fun and provides a kinky experience with the head of their penis as well as orally.

Most strokers are made of soft materials that are easy to clean and provide a comfortable, realistic feel. A popular option is Cyberskin, which is a ribbed material that’s soft and grippy and that feels a bit like the inside of your genitals. Other manufacturers use a variety of different porous materials, including polymerized polyvinyl chloride [PVC], thermal polymer elastomer rubbers [TPE/TPR], and plasticised silicone.

Most people who use a stroker will agree that it is a great masturbation tool. The most important thing is that it’s used with lube to prevent any irritation or discomfort. Lube should always be water-based to avoid any potential dryness or itchiness, and it’s recommended to apply a liberal amount. It can be used in a number of positions, and a lot of people find that changing up their grip or stroke style is very pleasurable and makes the toy feel different and exciting. Some also prefer to turn on a sexy playlist to add an extra element of excitement to their masturbation.