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Kama Sutra Techniques To Heat Up Any Sex Life

If there’s anything that can bring a sex life back to habanero condition, it’s the Kama Sutra. Include one or even more of these Kama Sutra techniques to the same ol’ Tuesday evening tango to instill affection with even more warm.

Banish Smelly Penis: 8 Ways to Make a Penis Smell Fresh

Got a foul-smelling penis? Right here’s eight ways to make a man’s penis scent fresh.

Hives Could Be the Cause of Penis Bumps

Hives are undesirable welts that can differ in dimension as well as appear in teams, often large ones. They look like penis bumps when on the manhood.

Folliculitis Can Cause Itchy Penis Problems

When a man has folliculitis in the belly, it can result in a very scratchy penis. These red, elevated bumps are likewise unpleasant and also likely to scare away possible companions.

Male Masturbation Can Affect Intimate Relationships

Self pleasure is an entirely healthy and balanced activity guys should participate in, however just how does it impact intimate relationships? Is it useful or damaging? Let’s discover.

Some Things That Can Cause Painful Urination in Men and How to Fix Them

Feel like a fire-peeing dragon? Let’s talk about painful urination in guys and exactly how to fix it!

To Do Today: Put Vitamin E Oil on the Penis for These 6 Major Benefits

All set to obtain all-natural when it comes to penis wellness? There’s lots of reasons a male must be placing vitamin e oil on his penis.

Ouch! Kidney Stones Can Create a Sore Penis

The discomfort related to kidney rocks is legendary – and very actual. Depending upon where a rock is lodged, it can trigger a very sore penis as well as discomfort in other places.

Penile Atrophy 101: Everything a Man Should Know About Penis Shrinkage

“Penis degeneration” are words no male wishes to hear or be the holder of, simply by the sound alone. Nevertheless, what is penile atrophy, as well as exactly how can a male repair or prevent it? We reveal the information. Continue reading.

Masturbation or a Nap: Work Choices

Nowadays, it’s not unusual for some employees to sleep at the office as a means of charging. But some men may go with masturbation as a quicker (and funner) method to revitalize.

Strategies for a Handsome Penis

No man wants an unattractive penis – nor does his companion. Preserving a healthy, handsome penis doesn’t occur on its own; some strategies are needed to accomplish wanted outcomes.

Penis Pump Beginners: Avoid a Sore Penis

Utilizing a penis pump can help a guy attain an erection, as well as some think it includes to penis dimension too. Yet it can occasionally also cause a sore penis.

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