Exploring Pleasure on the Go: Unveiling the Best Travel Sex Toys for Adventurous Couples

Men’s Sex Toys – How to Use a Male Sex Stroker

A male sex stroker is any sort of sex toy that allows you to pleasure yourself by stroking your penis. These toys typically have a canal or sleeve-like design, and can look inconspicuous (like a flashlight, can of beer, shampoo bottle) or not at all (like a porn star’s blowjob on the end of a sleeve). They’re also great for masturbation with a partner and, when paired with lube, can feel just like the real thing.

Best Men’s Sex Toys

Masturbation can help you relieve stress, lower your blood pressure and boost your mood by releasing feel-good hormones that make you happier. But you may have some lingering questions: Is masturbation safe? Does it affect ejaculation, and what are the best sex toys for men? To answer these questions, we talked to 17 experts, including sex shop owners and employees, sex educators, sex therapists, and sex coaches. Their answers were based on their experience with masturbation and the best sex toys for men.

Men’s Sex Toy Tips

Whether you’re trying to orgasm on your own or want to use a stroker for some couples play, it’s important to start slow and go easy. “When you get into the groove of stroking your penis, you’ll find your body will release different sensations, from goosebumps to tingling in other places, like your inner things and balls,” explains sex educator and coach Ava Cadell.

As you’re stroking, be sure to lube up and keep it moving, as friction can lead to soreness. And don’t be afraid to use more than one stroker — some men love stroking multiple spots at once. Just be sure to clean your stroker and use lube made specifically for your toy.

Another tip is to count the number of strokes it takes to orgasm, as this will help you learn how much force to apply to your toy and how often to stroke. “Most people can double the number of strokes they orgasm on within a month,” says Loveology University founder Ava Cadell. “This is a great way to measure your success and build up self-esteem in the process.”

Top Male Stroker

While Fleshlight has countless options for men, the OG stroker remains their most popular. This open-ended sleeve has a ribbed interior, plenty of give, and a realistic entrance that’s easy to clean. You can even customize your experience by inserting it into a variety of objects (such as a glass or a bottle of wine). For some extra fun, Hismith offers a variety of compatible attachments for their stroker machine, which you can control with an app.