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Penis Injury: When a Bruise Is on the Penis

No individual intends to have a penis injury of any kind, including a swelling on the member. Yet mishaps do happen and handling this situation might be necessary.

Faulty Penis Function: Anejaculation

While phenomenal penis wellness is a laudable goal, occasionally a man requires to focus a little much less on the surface wellness as well as even more on the sensible penis feature. Extremely often a penis might appear to be in great health and wellness however the penis feature might be affected nonetheless. As an example, a man that deals with anejaculation might have a solid erection, good urinary flow, well-moisturized penis skin and also other trademarks of healthiness but still lack the location of capability.

How To Know It’s Not Erectile Dysfunction (ED) – 6 Causes That Stop Erection/Hard On For Intercourse

What to do when you can not obtain an erection. There are 2 points you should do. First, learn the reason why your penis isn’t obtaining stiff as well as tough. And also second of all, don’t defeat on your own up about it believing you are a failing. Exactly how much from the reality that is. There is constantly going to be a hidden cause for a sexual malfunction of this kind so below are several explanations to help you understand why an erection is not taking place for you.

Penis Rash From the Swimsuit? Here’s How to Avoid It

Summer season indicates the opportunity to spend a serious amount of time in the water. Guys easily don a swimsuit to invest time wave-jumping in the sea, swimming laps in the pool or just relaxing their weary muscular tissues in a hot bathtub. However, each of these bikini choices includes the opportunity of creating a penis rash therefore.

How to Increase Penis Size Through Natural Exercise (100% Drug Free)

What is the absolute most convenient method to make my erection longer? Does penis extending actually function? If so … exactly how so? What do the real exercises feel and look like? Are they tough? Uncomfortable? Difficult to begin?

Why Priapism Happens and What to Do About It

When a male’s erection just will not give up, it may be fun at very first. However when it develops into priapism, that’s no laughing matter.

ED Problem – Can’t Get An Erection?

When a guy has an ED issue, it can actually influence his relationship with himself as well as his partner. There are many points guys can do to sustain their sex drive as well as sexual function.

Does Docking Carry Any Penis Health Issues?

Excellent penis health and wellness helps keep a guy all set for new tasks, consisting of docking with an additional man. But exist risks related to this practice that a man should learn about?

Understanding Prostatitis Treatment Options

Prostatitis is one of the most usual problems in guys over the age of 40. When you are experiencing it there are lots of therapy options you can opt for. It’s great to keep in mind that the treatment options differ relying on the kind of condition you are dealing with. A few of these choices include:

Penis Sensitivity Loss: What to Do When It Happens

Loss of penis level of sensitivity is one of those points a guy will certainly do just about anything to avoid. When penis sensitivity decreases, so does enjoyment and satisfaction of sex-related activities.

How To Get Stronger Erections – Follow These 2 Rules

We have heard the expression you are “What You Consume.” There is some fact to this as well as the foods men eat can cause or prevent erection issues. On the other side, there are specific foods that guys must eliminate from their diet plan.

Preserving Penis Sensitivity After Adult Circumcision

When a man goes through grown-up circumcision, one of his chief fears is likely his penis level of sensitivity. Here’s exactly how a man could be able to preserve it after the medical treatment.

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