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How to Use a Male Sex Stroker

There are plenty of sex toys for men to explore, and for those who want a little extra sensation with their masturbation, the male sex stroker is an exciting option. Unlike the female masturbation wands, which are a little more complicated to use, male sex strokers are easy to set up and can offer men a wide variety of sensations that can turn a simple solo session into a mindblowing experience.

If you’re new to sex toys, the male sex stroker is a great starter. Typically, the toy has a tunnel shape that fits over your penis. It’s made with skin-safe materials and may feature bumps, grooves, or humps to increase sensation. Some also have a clear sleeve that allows you to get a view of what’s happening inside.

While it might feel a bit awkward at first, once you master the art of using the stroker it will become easier and more pleasurable. One of the biggest tips is to always use lubrication with your stroker. Lubrication minimizes friction that feels uncomfortable, irritating, and chafing and maximizes friction that’s smooth, grippy, and arousing. The best sex toys for men 2023 will come with some form of lubrication or have a small tube of lube that you can add to the device before your next use.

Another thing to keep in mind when you’re using your male sex stroker is that you shouldn’t press too hard. Excessive pressure can cause nerve injuries and reduce sensation in your erection, so it’s important to maintain a light grip.

The sex toy company Lovense is in the midst of a battle for top spot in the sex toy arms race, and their latest male masturbator, the Max 2, is a great choice for men looking for an automated masturbator that won’t break the bank. This stroker comes with a Lithium-ion Polymer battery that takes four hours to charge and can last for an hour or more per use. It also includes a single regular fit sleeve, a USB charging cable, Quick Setup Manual, and Kiiroo’s standard Authenticity and Warranty Card.

While the toy doesn’t have a remote, it does include a textured handle that allows you to control vibration and pleasure patterns with your fingertips. Another feature that makes this a top pick is the fact that it’s waterproof. It’s also easily cleaned and dries completely between uses.

The MYHIXEL Control vibrator package, which was recently introduced at CES 2023, is another excellent option for men who want to try out a high-tech male masturbator. The sex toy combines an anatomically realistic stroker for the penis with a vibrator and a smartphone app that features training courses of different stroking patterns. The app is designed to help men learn how to self-pleasure in a safe way and can be helpful in preventing genital sores. Masturbation is considered healthy when it’s done in moderation and doesn’t interfere with sexual activity with a partner or daily activities. If it becomes a problem, you should talk to a doctor.