Autoblow 2 reviews

By admin on May 28th, 2016

Ok here is a direct to the point video review of the great autoblow 2 by it’s creator! Now Brian has been online creating/selling the Autoblow for many years now. It’s a name you can trust regarding male masturbators! Funny to say that he’s the “king of wank sessions” hahahahahaha

Seriously, here’s a clip of an adult male porn star trying it below. I mean if he can get off using it, imagine yourself!

Oh yeah, keep in mind that it’s safe and discreet billing and shipping so no worries… You won’t see on your credit card statement: “The Autoblow” or “The masturbator”

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Male masturbator autoblow sex toy

By admin on June 12th, 2014


Have you ever masturbate in front of your PC ? OF COURSE YOU DID ! Want to try something a little bit more exciting ? Use this super sex toy for guys while watching live sex cam shows ! Ex: at and/or or

Now that’s what i call cyber sex !

Auto blow max masturbator for men

By admin on October 9th, 2013

auto blow max

If you are running on a budget then this sex toy for men is for you. Presenting the Autoblow Max automatic sucker for boys. There’s 3 models by the way to make sure it fits everyone so make sure you select the right one. Pic for the smaller guys, Max for the bigger ones and the Autoblow for the average guy. This isn’t a fleshlight by the way. It moves, strokes and you get a sucking feeling

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These below are well “special” it depends on how you feel about it. Not really targeted at gay people by the way. If you want to explore new things, well this is for you.

mangasm sex toy

The most realistic male stroker in the world

By admin on October 9th, 2013

the most amazing male stroker in the world

Get your hands on the most amazing male stroker in the world !

It interacts with the model. It is completely insane ! Feel the sensation as if she would actually do it for real. Guys, you must check this out. Welcome to 2015 +

You can get movies made for this male masturbators so it works perfectly. Life will not be the same after you try this hahahahaha. Man i’m addicted i’m telling you.

Amazing sex toys for guys